Could you imagine that over 10 million South Africans are grappling with overwhelming debt, constituting 40% of the present credit-active population? Regrettably, this is the harsh reality. The weight of debt is undeniably one of the most incapacitating and anxiety-inducing situations an individual can face. This is why debt counselling in South Africa is vital.

Thankfully, debt counselling was established precisely to combat this escalating trend of South Africans falling into debt. With the government initiating this initiative, the aim is to tackle the problem and assist over-indebted individuals in South Africa to attain financial freedom. 

What Does Debt Counselling Mean? 

The National Credit Act has provided this process to tackle this problem of debt and hopefully relieve some of the pressure that it puts on everyday citizens in our country.  

The debt counselling process is intended to help over-indebted people who are struggling with debt by providing budgeting advice, negotiating with credit providers on your behalf for reduced monthly payments, as well as restructuring your debts. 

The Advantages of Debt Counselling with National Debt Counsellors 

The debt counselling process in South Africa has a lot of benefits, the most significant is that you’re able to repay your debt in a structured and sustainable way.

Here are some of the other main reasons you should consider working with us to help clear your debt: 

No More High Amounts

Your monthly repayments are reduced to an amount you can afford, which helps you step out of debt and into financial freedom.  

We Cover You (and your goods) 

We provide immediate protection to you and your assets, including your house and car. 

We’re the Ultimate Middleman 

We negotiate with your credit providers directly, so you don’t receive any more harassing phone calls.  

More Peace, Less Stress 

We negotiate lower interest rates on your behalf, and we extend your repayment terms. This means you get a bit more breathing room as you begin moving towards more financial stability.  

We’re Comprehensive from Start to Finish 

Once you’ve cleared your debt, we apply to clear your credit report. So, all you must do throughout the process is make your payments. We do everything else on your behalf!  

The ultimate reason to undergo debt counselling is simply to get on a better financial wicket overall. To live debt-free is the goal, and with debt counselling it becomes possible. 

Why You Should Work with Us 

We’re a team of leading debt counsellors who believe that debt doesn’t mean disaster. We assist everyday South Africans, like you, who find themselves struggling to meet their monthly financial obligations. Our team is registered with the National Credit Regulator and offers you a free, no-obligation assessment of your financial situation. 

Our reputation for providing exceptional service is only enhanced by the great relationships we’ve cultivated with all the major credit providers in South Africa. This gives us confidence to negotiate the best payment plan to suit your financial needs and ensures that we protect you and your assets.