Only Pay What You Can Afford With Debt Counselling

The National Debt Counsellors are here to help. We reduce your payments to an amount you can afford, consolidate payments and provide immediate protection to you and your assets.

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Why We Wake
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We help thousands of South Africans every month to regain their financial freedom and become debt free. We have excellent relationships with all major credit providers and negotiate with them on your behalf to reduce your installments to an amount you can afford. Upon completion we clear your credit record. Contact NDC today for a no obligation free assessment of your financial situation.

How It Works


We negotiate with your creditors on your behalf to reduce your monthly repayments to what you can afford. This means no more harassing phone calls.


We can help protect your
assets, such as your house and
car. While under debt review
these assets are protected from
legal action.


We consolidate all your
debts into one easy monthly
installment. When your
debts are paid we apply to
clear your credit record.