Debt Counselling with National Debt Counsellors 

national debt counsellors

As a leading debt counselling company, we as National Debt Counsellors take pride in our mission to rid South African citizens of their debt through our debt counselling services.   How Does Debt Counselling Work?  If you’re struggling to make your monthly debt repayments, you can apply for debt counselling with a registered debt counselling company […]

How Does Debt Counselling Work? 

how does debt counselling work

With more than 10 million South Africans officially over-indebted, it’s safe to say that debt is a real problem. We’ve met many people who struggle to make ends meet every single month and don’t know how they’re going to cover their bills. When we speak about what we offer as debt counsellors, one of the […]

The Benefits of Debt Counselling in South Africa

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Could you imagine that over 10 million South Africans are grappling with overwhelming debt, constituting 40% of the present credit-active population? Regrettably, this is the harsh reality. The weight of debt is undeniably one of the most incapacitating and anxiety-inducing situations an individual can face. This is why debt counselling in South Africa is vital. Thankfully, […]

Debt Review Companies That Are Worth Your Time 

debt review companies

We’ve all heard the horror stories of financial companies that said one thing and did another, usually promising too much and under-delivering. These stories encourage us to be more careful when putting financial trust in a company, especially debt review companies.   That’s why we’re diving into the things you should be aware of when choosing […]

Is a Loan While Under Debt Review Possible? 

loans under debt review

If you find yourself under debt review and in urgent need of a loan, you may feel like you’ve hit a financial dead end. The simple answer to the question posed in the title of this article is no, it’s not possible to apply for a loan if you’re under debt review. This is because […]

How to Remove Debt Review 

how to remove debt review

While debt review is a necessary lifeline if you’re in financial trouble, it is important you are familiar with the process that you are committing to and the requirements for how to remove debt review.  With that in mind, we want to take you through the different ways that you can be removed from debt […]

Regain Control of Your Finances With NCR Registered Debt Counsellors

NCR Registered Debt Counsellors: Helping You Regain Control of Your Finances Too much debt is a growing issue in South Africa. The debt problem is a complex one that needs more than one solution, such as financial education and better access to affordable credit. Stronger consumer protection laws may also be needed. The role of […]

How to Make Sure Debt Advisors Are Registered, and Not Fake

In South Africa, the issue of debt is a growing problem for many consumers. More and more people are struggling to manage their debt. Act sooner rather than later and give yourself some breathing space. Before you become over-indebted and can no longer pay creditors, get professional advice from debt advisors. Don’t run the risk […]